Beyond Awesome Membership

From: $25.00 / month

Beyond Awesome Membership

The Koa Club is a social and leadership club exclusively for women achievers, who have a passion for lifelong learning, while building meaningful relationships within our very own community to empower and support each other.

Due to popular request, The Koa Club has re-designed its membership process to create two levels of memberships: Awesome Membership and Beyond Awesome Memberships.

Membership Process

Step 1: Please select either a monthly or annual membership to purchase:

  • Annual: $250 per year; or
  • Monthly: $25 per month

Step 2: For your Beyond Awesome Membership to be fully vetted and accepted by The Koa Club, you will need to complete the membership application form after your purchase of the membership.

Once you have completed the form, your membership account will be activated, so that you can enjoy the benefits of membership based on the level of membership you have selected. If your application does not meet the criteria for membership and is not accepted by The Koa Club, we will notify you via email and if you are a Beyond Awesome Member, we will refund in full the membership fee that you have paid.


  • If you are current in your payment for membership at The Koa Club (whether monthly or annually), you will be automatically designated as a Beyond Awesome Member and be entitled to all benefits of the Beyond Awesome Membership.
  • If you have already applied for membership before January 15, 2020 and you have received an email from The Koa Club notifying you that your membership has been accepted by The Koa Club, you do not have to complete the membership form again.

For details of the membership benefits, eligibility, fees, cancellation policy and other membership information, click here.

All members must abide by The Koa Club’s Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy.

  • The Koa Club welcomes women and individuals who self-identify as women to apply for membership at The Koa Club, including non-binary or gender nonconforming individuals or those who were assigned male at birth, but in each case self-identify as a woman. The Koa Club does not accept applications from men or those who identify as men. Our community values the range of identities that the member body represents.
  • Note: If there is enough interest from other members to learn these identified skills, The Koa Club may consider curating workshops for such requested skills.