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You must fill out a Mentor request form to be considered for the program. We will review your completed form and will let you know if you have been selected as a Mentor. For each mentorship group, we expect to have two co-Mentors collaborating to host the monthly group mentorship meeting. We will identify a co-Mentor for you unless you let us know in this form that you prefer to be the sole Mentor for your mentorship group or identify a co-mentor you would like to have. All mentorship groups start in the same month and will be for a period of six months: March through August or September through February. If you sign up as a Mentor during an on-going period, you will be assigned to begin your meetings only for the next six-month block. You must schedule a group mentorship meeting once a month during your six-month assignment. We suggest that this meeting be 30min - 1hr but the exact time is determined by you. You will need to indicate below the days of the week and the time of the day you prefer to hold your monthly group meetings (mornings, afternoons, evenings). We expect co-Mentors to discuss, finalize and inform us of the final agreed dates/times for your monthly mentorship group meetings. Both co-Mentors will be requested to fill out the midway survey for your mentorship group. Mentors are encouraged to attend and discuss with their mentorship group at least 1 Koa Club workshop topic of relevance during the 6-month mentorship term (more details about this will be shared in confirmation email). We will limit each mentorship group to include no more than 5 mentees. These mentees will be asked to confirm that they can attend all scheduled meetings when they register.
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