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The Koa Club empowers women in embracing boldness across their personal and professional spheres. Our members share a passion for learning to take impactful strides in their daily lives, their careers and their well-being. Within our community, members find the tools, resources, connections and support to achieve goals and become their best selves. Join us on a journey of empowerment, connection, and personal growth.

Since mid-2020, The Koa Club has been honored to support our community through challenging times by offering its membership for free, and providing a range of free workshops, events and resources to empower and uplift its women members during the pandemic.

As of 2024, we will be introducing a two-tiered membership structure:

  1. Premium Membership (Fee Subscription): For professionals seeking to advance their careers and to excel in their workplace. Carefully designed workshops, events, mentorship, resources and support are provided to our Premium Members to help them with workplace and leadership skills development as well as overall professional growth. Premium Members also have access to all the workshops, events and resources offered to our Community Members.
  2. Community Membership (Free): Our Community Members are passionate about elevating their quality of life through gaining practical life skills. We provide our Community Members with the opportunities to acquire practical knowledge for navigating life effectively. Community Members must upgrade to become Premium Members in order access to any of the career, professional and leadership skills development workshops, events and resources offered by The Koa Club.

More details of the benefits of each membership are provided further below.

Though Koa Club is dedicated to empowering women, we warmly welcome individuals of all genders to join as members. We believe that everyone can contribute to and benefit from our mission of fostering gender equality and empowerment.

process & eligibility

We take our membership vetting process seriously. Applicants desiring to join The Koa Club community are vetted to help ensure that they meet the criteria for membership and will uphold the values, mission and goals for this community.

benefits of membership

There are many great reasons to join The Koa Club community. The Koa Club community provides our members with many high caliber opportunities – both informal and structured – to exchange information and ideas, build connections with other exceptional women and allies, and gain much needed knowledge and insights to succeed in their careers and improve the quality of their lives. Our members are professionals, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and aspiring leaders in a wide variety of industries and represent a cross-section of business sectors: public, private and not-for-profit.

We invite you to join The Koa Club as a Community Member or a Premium Member. Below are the current benefits available for the Community Membership and Premium Membership offered by The Koa Club.

If you sign up for the Premium Membership for the first time, we give you the opportunity to check us out for 30 days for free. Just cancel your Premium Membership before the end of your first month of free trial if you decide not to continue with your Premium Membership and you won’t be charged.  

Membership Benefits
For Premium Members: US$299/yr; For Community Members: Free
  •  For Premium Members only: Access to specially designated workshops, talks, webinars and other events designed to help our Premium Members elevate their career, hone their leadership skills to lead with impact in their organization, and build their arsenal of knowledge, skills, and confidence to be bold and thrive in today’s competitive work environment.
  • For Premium Members only: Access to premium content collection of resources through our Premium Members Portal – offering on-demand webinars, articles, presentation materials, recommended books, and other useful resources and tools for our members, as well as access to various past workshop/event recordings. 
  • For Premium Members only: Access to the Group Mentoring Program and the associated Mentoring Portal made available only for our Premium Members
  • For Premium Members only: Participate in monthly small group Collaborate for Success Huddle hosted by The Koa Club to share insights and support on differing topics of interest.
  • For Premium Members only: Access to attend a monthly dinner series and a quarterly Koa Club hosted Cocktail Huddle (currently available only for Premium Members located in Washington State)
  • For all members: Discounts offered to members for purchases of merchandise from The Koa Club Shop
  • For all members: Access to the Koa Network – our very own private online social networking platform for our members to connect and build a network of allies.
  • For all members: Access to the Koa Ambassadors who are dedicated to ensuring that our members achieve success with the use of our services and platform.
  • For all members: Access to exclusive offers from our speakers, partners and alliances for our members.
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Applicants must fill out and submit an online form.

Upon receipt of a completed membership application, the application will undergo our vetting process. If your application does not meet the criteria for membership and is not accepted by The Koa Club, we will notify you via email.

All members must abide by The Koa Club’s Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy.

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