joining the koa club community

The Koa Club general community is exclusively for women who are passionate about lifelong learning, who enjoy building meaningful connections with other women to empower and support each other, who are brave in their professional and personal pursuits, and who inspire others with their vision, leadership, drive, fearlessness, empathy and general awesomeness.

process & eligibility

We take our membership vetting process seriously. Applicants desiring to join The Koa Club community are vetted carefully to help ensure that they meet the criteria for membership and will uphold the values, mission and goals for this community.

benefits of membership

There are many great reasons to join The Koa Club community. The Koa Club community provides our members with many high caliber opportunities – both informal and structured – to exchange information and ideas, build connections with other exceptional high-achieving women, and gain much needed knowledge and insights to succeed in their careers and improve the quality of their lives. Our members are professionals, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and aspiring leaders in a wide variety of industries and represent a cross-section of business sectors: public, private and not-for-profit.

We offer membership to The Koa Club general community. Below are the benefits available for the Community Membership offered by The Koa Club.

Community Member
  • Access to the Koa Network (our private member-only online social media platform).
  • Access to the Koa Ambassador
  • Access to exclusive offers from leadership, executive, life, wellness, and other workshop speakers for Community Members.
  • Complimentary access to all online and in-person Workshops and Events offered for Community Members (except where specifically noted otherwise as a Special Event where payment is required)
  • Participate in the annual FollowMyLead™ Leadership Roundtable (when held by The Koa Club)
  • Access to premium content collection of resources – offering on-demand webinars, articles, presentation materials, recommended books, and other resources and tools.
  • May be profiled as a Community Member in the our newsletter and share your story on our website and social media platforms
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followmylead leadership roundtable

The FollowMyLead Leadership Roundtable meets once a year in collaboration with a different partner organization each year for a peer-to-peer session on key and trending leadership issues that women faced in their workplace, combined with mutual problem solving and support.

​At each FollowMyLead™ Leadership Roundtable, participants decide what they are going to accomplish before the next meeting, identify challenges and discuss progress. These Roundtable discussions are based on the needs of the group and are facilitated by Susan Seah, Founder & CEO of The Koa Club and a guest facilitator from the collaborating partner organization.

Applicants must fill out and submit an online form.

Upon receipt of a completed membership application, the application will undergo our vetting process. If your application does not meet the criteria for membership and is not accepted by The Koa Club, we will notify you via email.

All members must abide by The Koa Club’s Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy.

membership faqs

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We’re an exclusive community for achieving women. Our members represent a strong community of women with a wide array of accomplishments in their professional and personal lives and who are not afraid to continue to forge ahead in life in the pursuit of growth, success, fulfillment and fun.