Joining The Koa Club

The Koa Club is a social club exclusively for women achievers (whether on a  professional or personal level), who are passionate about lifelong learning, while building meaningful relationships within their communities and beyond to empower and support each other.

Process & Eligibility

We take our membership vetting process seriously. Applicants desiring to join The Koa Club are vetted carefully to help ensure that they meet the criteria for membership and will uphold the values, mission and goals for this community.

Benefits of Membership

  • Members receive free or discounted admissions for many events, activities and programs organized by The Koa Club.
  • Members receive invitations to exclusive member-only events, activities and functions organized by The Koa Club.
  • Due to an established vetting process, The Koa Club assures that its events will be attended by like-minded individuals who are passionate about socializing, learning and building relationships.

Your Application

Upon receipt of a completed membership application, the applicant will be added to The Koa Club’s waiting list and undergo the vetting process. If your application meets the criteria for membership and is accepted by The Koa Club, you will be notified with a “Welcome to The Koa Club” email. We’ll let you know at that point how to register your online membership profile and set up your payment method.

Applicants must fill out and submit the online form and if selected for membership, will be required to pay the membership dues.

All members must abide by The Koa Club’s Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy.

Join the Club

We're an exclusive hangout for achieving women. Our members represent a strong community of women with a wide array of achievements in their professional and personal lives and who are not afraid to continue to forge ahead in life in the pursuit of growth, success, fulfillment and fun.