Members Only Features

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Koa Network

Members get access to the Koa Network, our very own private women-only online social networking platform for our members to connect and build a network of powerful allies. Our Community Members are able to share insights, stories, best practices and thoughts with other Community Members through the Koa Network, continue their discussions with speakers from the events we have held for our members and create huddle groups with other Community members sharing similar interests.

Community Member Portal

We provide a Resource Library for our Community Members, which is a premium content collection of resources – offering on-demand webinars, articles, presentation materials, recommended books and other resources and tools which have been carefully curated for our Community Members.

Events Calendar

We provide access to a wide range of professional growth and other life skills workshops and events made available to our Community Members through our Events Calendar (free access unless noted otherwise).

If you are signed up as a participant of any of our PowWFollowMyLead or GovWFollowMyLead Programs, you will automatically be a Community Member of The Koa Club.

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