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Group Mentorship Program

We are excited to launch our membership program for, and we hope you join us in this new journey. The group mentoring program is an automatic benefit for Premium Members but for the first 6-month session we are offering it to our community members as an added benefit!

Purpose of the group mentorship program

We believe that it is important for even the boldest of women to have access to support and inspiration to help them along with their journey to success, whether in their professional or personal lives. Our group mentoring program is a dynamic and collaborative learning experience where individuals come together under the guidance of experienced co-mentors. The group mentoring program fosters a sense of community and provides a structured environment for mentorship within a group setting. The relationship between mentors and mentees is incredibly rewarding and beneficial on both ends. Mentors often learn new concepts while teaching others, meanwhile, mentees get to benefit from the experience and knowledge of their mentors. Both can leave the relationship with new contacts and networks.

The group mentoring program is an automatic benefit for Premium Members. Community Members can join for free for our March-September Session or they must upgrade to Premium membership in order to participate in the group mentoring program. A mentor does not have to be paid Premium Member, just a free Community Member. Each mentor must commit to collaborate with other co-mentors to offer monthly group mentoring sessions for 6 months. Mentors will be requested to provide preferred dates/times (e.g. Monday/evening, Wednesday/morning, etc.) and suggested topics at the time of submission of the mentor application form. Each mentor group will consist of no more than 5 mentees.

The Role of the Mentor A mentor can provide guidance, support, and wisdom that can help a mentee navigate the challenges they are going through. They can share their successes and failures. Our mentors are all exceptional and different. Mentees will have their own specific needs and goals that they bring to the relationship so each partnership will be unique. The ideal mentor should be approachable and willing to talk with the mentees rather than at the mentees, provide feedback that is helpful to the mentees, and ready to invest their time and energy into each relationship. 

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Improve their leadership skills.
  • Pass on their hard-earned knowledge and experiece.
  • Work on their communication skills
  • Gain new perspectives

The Role of the Mentee

Mentees benefit from shared insights, diverse perspectives, and mutual support as they navigate personal and professional development challenges. Accountability within the group mentoring setting encourages mentees to set and achieve their goals with peer support. Mentees also engage in practical, real-world insights shared by the mentor and fellow mentees, facilitating experiential learning.  Mentees are given an incredible opportunity to learn and to hopefully learn what it takes to pass these teachings forward one day. The ultimate goal of the mentorship program is to create a cycle where the mentees look forward to becoming mentors due to their new success.  

Benefits of being a mentee

  • Gain new knowledge.
  • Feeling encouraged to change their lives. 
  • Learn new skills.
  • Building a sense of empowerment and belonging within a community of individuals striving for growth and success,
  • Opportunities to expand professional networks through connections with both the co-mentors and the other mentees. 

If at any point a mentee desires to change from its assigned mentoring group, please reach out to to discuss concerns.

How do I become a Mentor? We always want to grow our mentor network! If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill the mentor application form:

  • You must sign up to be a Community Member if you are still not a member of The Koa Club.
  • You must fill out a Mentor application form to be considered for the mentoring program. Once completed and submitted, we will review it and let you know if you have been selected as a mentor for our group mentoring program.
  • You, in collaboration with your co-mentors, must schedule a group mentoring session once a month for 6 months. We suggest that each group mentoring session lasts for 30 minutes to an hour, but the exact time is determined by the co-mentors. 
  • We will send you a survey for the mentoring group 3 months through the 6-month commitment and you must promptly complete and submit the survey,  
  • We encourage mentors to attend and discuss at least 1 Koa Club workshop during one of its group mentoring sessions (more details about this will be shared in confirmation email)
  • Each mentoring group will consist between 1 to 5 mentees. We will require the mentees to confirm that they can attend all 6 scheduled mentoring sessions when they register to join a mentoring group.
Click here to apply to be a Mentor

Once you have been confirmed as a mentor, The Koa Club will create a private mentoring group for you and your designated co-mentors in the Koa Network. We will add your mentees in that mentoring group in the Koa Network as they sign up. This will be the place where you and your co-mentors can communicate with your mentees in a safe private space. None of the postings in your private mentoring group in the Koa Network can be viewed by anyone other than members of your mentoring group (and The Koa Club staff). Details of how to access your mentoring group in the Koa Network will be provided separately.

How do I join a Mentor Group?

Mentor groups that are still open can be found in our Events Calendar here: You can sign up for a mentoring group by registering for a ticket for that group’s series of events. Under each mentoring group series event listing, you will find all the scheduled dates of all monthly mentoring sessions for the 6-month program. Please only register if you can confirm you can make ALL the scheduled monthly mentoring sessions. If you cannot commit to all these sessions please find a different mentoring group with scheduled session dates that are more suitable for you. Once a group is full (5 mentees), the event registration will close, and you will not be able to sign up for it. All mentoring groups are first come first serve. Once you successfully register for the mentoring group, you will be added to the mentor’s huddle in the Koa Network. Details of how to access your mentoring group in the Koa Network will be provided separately.

Always Remember

  • To be kind to each other
  • To be respectful of each other’s opinions and point of views
  • To keep confidential any personal stories and shares that were heard during a meeting
  • To be an authentic, empathetic and patient participant
  • To be willing to inspire and empower others
  • To be committed to showing up with your best self