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Our very own Founder and CEO, Susan, will be launching her new book Poetry For Pups!

The reviews are in! “Susan Seah’s Poetry for Pups is an endearing collection of poems that beautifully captures the essence of our beloved canine companions and the profound connections we share with them. Through relatable scenarios and down-to-earth descriptions, Seah weaves a heartfelt narrative that is sure to evoke laughter, nods of agreement, and even tears from dog owners and enthusiasts alike. The poems are thoughtfully complemented by charming illustrations that enhance the overall reading experience.
This book exhibits a wide emotional spectrum, ranging from playful poems celebrating joyful moments with our furry friends to more poignant pieces addressing the loss of our cherished companions. Seah’s remarkable talent lies in her ability to take seemingly simple language and structure and infuse it with genuine emotion, creating poems that resonate with authenticity. As a fellow dog owner, I found myself deeply connecting with the sentiments expressed in these verses. The writing style is accessible and approachable for a broad readership, maintaining engagement without sacrificing the heartfelt emotion that tugs at our heartstrings.
Poetry for Pups is a must-read for dog lovers, as it captures the essence of the human-canine relationship and celebrates the joy, laughter, and emotional depth that dogs bring to our lives. Whether you’re a devoted dog owner or simply appreciate the beauty of this special bond, this collection is sure to leave a lasting impression. With its heartfelt storytelling and genuine emotion, Susan Seah’s debut is a delightful and heartening tribute to our furry best friends.” ~ Literary Titans




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October 10
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