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Susan Seah and Morgan Boyle, each an Ironman athlete and endurance runner

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Online via Zoom only

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Date:  June 30, 2020

Time:  5:00pm – 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time


So what are the benefits of becoming a triathlete? What would motivate someone to spend hours running, biking or swimming? Why the appeal?

Listen to the speakers share their stories on how they went from couch potatoes to becoming ironman athletes.  Get tips and insights on how to get started on your own journey to your first triathlon.

Even if you are not a fast runner, great swimmer or kickass cyclist, you can still become a triathlete if you have the right mindset, the willingness to train smartly and to pick the right races to start.


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Susan Seah is founder and CEO of The Koa Club. Despite not knowing how to ride a bicycle and having panic attacks whenever in deep water, she was determined to be a triathlete and completed (with lots of tears from extreme exertion, joy and amazement) the Western Australia Ironman race within a year of picking up the sport. Susan does not consider herself as an extraordinary athlete of any sort – just a very ordinary one but with the deep belief that if one is passionate enough about conquering a new challenge, it is always possible with a positive attitude, perseverance, confidence in one’s own abilities and the willingness and desire to learn something new.

Morgan Boyle had, for a number of years, coached dozens of men and women in the triathlon sport , particularly in the cycling portion of the triathlon sports. Morgan successfully completed the Great Floridian, an ironman-distance race, during a year where many failed to complete because of the extreme heat and humidity, thanks to his consistent training and proper nutrition at the race.  He loves helping others accomplish their physical goals, including helping Susan get started on her journey to being a triathlete.


June 30, 2020
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PDT
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Online Only
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