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Featured Panelists Spotlight: Finding Joy In Your Work

May 3, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

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What is the Featured Panelists Spotlight?

Our Featured Panelists Spotlight will be held on a Wednesday of each month. During the Featured Panelists Spotlight, we invite guest panelists to share their experiences, insights, tips and strategies that they have found to be effective in their professional or personal lives when tackling the featured topic for the month.

May Featured Topic – Finding Joy In Your Work

Here’s the thing- work shouldn’t be miserable. We shouldn’t have to spend 40+ hours a week staring at a clock and counting down the minutes. We shouldn’t open our eyes on a Monday and scream at our ceilings. If you’ve tried to find joy at work only to happen upon toxicity and burnout, there is an alternative for you, too.  

It’s necessary to find a career that doesn’t just pay the bills but allows you to use your skill sets. When you’re happy with your work, it shows in everything you do and makes the job feel much more effortless.  

Happiness in your career and your job are worthy goals. Ask yourself: Do you find joy in your job? And do you help others to do the same? We’re here to suggest that it’s time to challenge yourself to create a joyful work environment, rather than wait for one to appear.  


Kristi Tower is a former lawyer turned transformational & burnout coach, helping people to foundationally change their lives. Certified as a Deep Transformational Coach, Kristi believes that everyone should LOVE their everyday lives (and NOT just on the weekends). Through her coaching business, A Settled Mind, Kristi guides people into a safe space for exploration, self-acceptance and deep foundational transformation. It is Kristi’s goal to normalize the pursuit of balance, wellness and fulfillment in our everyday lives – including in our careers! At A Settled Mind, you can create the life that YOU truly want!

Marriot Winquist partners with executives to increase their strategic impact without compromising excellence, authenticity, or joy. As a seasoned executive in the technology industry with over 20 years of experience leading technical, marketing and product teams, Marriot knows that success is created from the inside out: within each person, within each team, within each organization. When ambitious leaders unlock the joy in leadership, they create thriving teams, cultures, and organizations that can change the world. Marriot is also deeply committed to advancing women in leadership. Her recent works include: Co-Creator of Asian Women Executive Program, Power Talk Speaker at Women In Cloud Digital Summit, and Volunteer Professional Advisor at the University of Washington Foster Consulting Program. She is now an executive coach, advisor and speaker at BrightTree Consulting, focused on serving and inspiring senior leaders to create the best impact in their lives and others.
When not working, she can be found testing out new recipes, catching some zen with yoga, and learning Korean on Duolingo.


Holly Chadwick was raised by her grandparents on Whidbey Island. They believed in rigorous music studies to overcome the trauma of having parents with mental illness. Though she didn’t become a concert pianist, she has directed short movies, documentaries and now the web series, the Sounds of Freedom. She earned a B.A. in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz and has studied fine art and digital media as far away as Italy and The Banff Centre in Alberta Canada. At the age of 16, Holly was a key member in a successful Internet start up and went on to working for fine art and newspaper publishing companies and designing for advertising. She was a member of Americorps for two years where she helped kids learn to read and taught digital photography in her local community. Holly has worked in a darkroom developing crime scene photos, had a father with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the inspiration for Sounds of Freedom. She is also working on a book featuring her mother, mental illness, and herself called Music in My Head. As an award winning writer/director, Holly also has the unique experience of being a patient in a mental health ward of Skagit Valley Hospital after having an extreme grief reaction to her grandparents’ death. She writes about her experience in chapter three, “From Straitjacket Bound to Success” in the internationally best selling book Wild and Wise Women Around the World. Raised by her grandparents from birth because she had a mother with schizophrenia, she saw her mother in and out of the Washington mental health system over the years. Because of this, Holly has made it her mission to not only create stories that show empathy around mental health issues, but through technology, aid in patient support. Holly resides in Northern Georgia with her husband and two large dogs. She enjoys kayaking, sailing, playing piano, photography and off-roading adventures.


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May 3, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT
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