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Be Nice or Be Tough? Balancing act for women in leadership

June 22, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

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Presented by

Lei Wang, Founder of Journey With Lei

Location/ Date & Time

Online via Zoom only:

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Date:  Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Time: 12:00pm – 1pm PT/2:00pm – 3pmCT/3:00pm-4pmET


Were you ever been told at work that “‘You are too nice?” or that ‘You are a people person who is likes to please everyone?” Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a nice person or just being nice to others at work, but sometimes being too nice at inappropriate times can backfire on you, especially when you want to be viewed as an effective leader. For example, are you concerned about giving negative but constructive feedback to others at work because you want them to like you, so you only tell them how well they are doing despite the fact that you had to fix all their problems for the project you are doing together? Or do you brush off any aggressive inexcusable behavior from co-workers because you do not like confrontation of any sort.  Women are often expected to be nice and empathetic, and when a woman assumes any form of male-type dominant behaviors, she is quickly and unfairly characterized as being “bossy”.

Can we balance being nice with being strong to inspire respect and hard work? Our speaker will explore this topic and provide us with insights on how we can be true to our core values, and how we can turn our “niceness” to being a leadership strength.


Lei Wang, Founder of Journey With Lei and as the first Asian woman to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam (see blow), Lei has been a sought-after international motivational speaker since 2010. She has inspired people across the world to dream big and really achieve that fulfilling life, work, and relationship that they are truly excited about. Today, as a coach, Lei helps her clients break out of stagnation and take their life and business to exciting new heights with ease and grace, have a sense of accomplishment and enjoy a balanced, healthy, joyful life at the same time.

In 2004, Lei, who grew up as a Beijing city girl who had no athletic training, set out to climb Mount Everest. She was on a promising career track in finance with an MBA from Wharton. But she was excited about proving that an ordinary person could climb Everest. That excitement empowered her to not only climb Everest but to become the first Asian woman to complete a journey to the summits of the highest mountains on each of the 7 continents and to the north and south pole, a feat called the Explorer’s Grand Slam. As she endured outstanding hardships and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, she made an astonishing discovery. She discovered that excitement is the driving force that motivates and empowers every one of us and the secret to innovation, peak performance, and extraordinary achievements. Today as a coach, speaker, author, and adventurer she travels the world to ascend new summits and empower individuals and organizations to dream big, take a leap of faith, and tap into the power of excitement to realize their potential and reach the heights of success.

More details: Lei Wang | LinkedIn

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June 22, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT
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