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4 Keys To Great Sex

December 12, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST

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Presented by

Gretchen Shanks, Founder of Gretchen Shanks Coaching (www.gretchenshanks.com)


The Urban Cabin @ SODO, 3300 4th Ave S., Suite C, Seattle, WA 98134

Date: December 12, 2019

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm


Have you ever wondered what leads to really great sex, particularly once the excitement of a new relationship wears off?

Magazine articles would have us believe amazing sex is all about crazy variations in sex positions, novel toys, and getting creative about where we get sexy.  You may be a fan of all of those things, if they work for you. Great sex, however, is possible without them. Regardless of where you are, how your body is positioned and whether or not you’re working with more than nature gave you, great sex is possible. At this workshop, we’ll learn what the four keys to great sex are and explore them through a few brief exercises*.

 *Note from the speaker: Exercises are done clothed and solo, and are optional.  No worries if you do not want to do the exercises during the workshop. They are simple and easy to recreate at home.

** Note from The Koa Club: We recently sent out a poll to The Koa Club women and other non-member women friends to ask what topic on “Relationship and Sex” would be most appealing to them and this topic appears to resonate with the majority of the women who responded to the poll. Thanks to all who participated in that survey. We hope you come to this event and listen to our speaker, Gretchen Shanks share her insights on this very sexy and enticing topic.


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Light bites and wine provided

About The Speaker

Gretchen Shanks is a Somatica-trained sex, dating and relationship coach who helps people find greater joy in dating and intimacy, through talking and experiential practices.

Up until her early 40s, Gretchen struggled with dating, had only had sex a handful of times, and felt undesirable and unattractive. Years of talk therapy could not shift the beliefs she had about herself. Then she got help from an intimacy coach and somatic body worker. She reset her body image issues, learned to confidently tap into her sexy side, and to approach dating, sex and all of her relationships with greater ease and enjoyment.

Now she gets great satisfaction helping others rewrite their stories around sex, intimacy, dating, and relationships in order to have the kind of experiences and connections they have always wanted. Regardless of what your relationship goal is (monogamous marriage, polyamory, a single life with lots of dating fun, or anywhere in between), Gretchen is excited to help you get there!

Gretchen is based in Seattle, Washington and is available for in-person or video sessions. She can be found at www.gretchenshanks.com.

 Gretchen Shanks Coaching – Making Sex & Dating Fun

Gretchen most often works with women who are disconnected from their bodies and their desires, who have feelings of undesirability, inadequacy and not being enough. She also works with men who struggle with being authentic and emotionally connected in their relationships and in their approach to dating.

With her support, clients learn to:

  • approach dating, relationships and sex in a manner authentic to who they are right now
  • mitigate and manage anxiety and nerves around dating and sex
  • re-frame the stories they tell themselves that negatively affect how they approach sex, dating and relationships
  • understand their inner life better, in order to create the kind of connections that truly excite them
  • expand their comfort zones around dating in order to be their most strong, confident, and sexy self


December 12, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST
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