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We are proud to bring to our members additional unique opportunities to learn and grow from our allies through this marketplace (“Allies Programs”).

The Allies Programs are aimed at providing additional coaching, training and learning in specialized areas which may be of interest to our members. Through the Allies Programs, our allies will share motivational stories of achieving goals and overcoming challenges in their areas of expertise and aim to teach our members new strategies and skills to get better at what they do, to step outside their comfort zone, and to become the best versions of themselves.

These Allies Programs are paid programs designed by our allies, and the applicable fees to register for each Allies Program offered here can be found in the Exclusive Offer under that specific Allies Program offered.

Confidence Program

Micha Goebig

Founder of GoBig Coaching and Communications LLC, is a certified confidence & leadership coach, who helps female professionals and entrepreneurs create the confidence and visibility to take their career to the next level (and beyond!). 

#Confidence 2022 Program:

Micha says of her program: “I will help a group of high-achieving women become confident leaders in male-dominated spheres (and where don’t the guys still call the shots, really?). I want y’all to rise to positions of power – because I strongly believe that’s how we can change the corporate world and society for the better.”

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