custom leadership programs and communities

building empowered women communities 

FollowMyLead™, a division of The Koa Club, builds women communities within organizations of all sizes and in every industry. We are a women and minority owned company and are deeply passionate about helping women attain professional and personal growth to achieve well-deserved success at work, while helping their organization provide the necessary support for their valued women employees.

empowering women

We design bold leadership training programs and sustainable communities for your women employees, based on our proven Follow My Lead Program™ and Mentorship Huddles™ methodology.  Working in close collaboration with the hiring organization, our programs will provide your female talent with confidence, skills and capabilities to reach their potential in the workplace and draw on the support by leadership to achieve career goals and job satisfaction. We aim to tailor our programs and communities to meet your organization’s specific goals, including supporting its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) objectives. CLICK HERE to learn more about our custom Follow My Lead Programs.

dynamic & collaborative environment

For the initiative to be successful, we also expect to engage the organization’s leadership every step of the way to ensure that there is a true commitment from the organization to effect real change. This may include roundtable discussions with the leadership team to address challenges, institutional and structural bias, and objectives of the organization. Our process is dynamic and collaborative.

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