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Custom Women Leadership Training Programs and Communities

Follow My Lead™, a division of The Koa Club, builds women communities within organizations of [...]

The Koa Club Newsletter (January 2021) – Yep 2020 was hands down a total batsh!t crazy year!

life musings Happy New Year – a new beginning awaits all of us. As we [...]

The Koa Club Book Club

We just love the community and camaraderie generated by the literary discussions during our quarterly Book Club. We [...]

The Koa Club Newsletter (August 2020) – Finding time for self-care

Life Musings Finding time for self-care Have you done anything lately that you enjoy, love [...]

The Koa Club Social Network

Recently we announced the introduction of the Koa Network, an exclusive private social network within [...]

The Koa Club – Latest membership news

Let The Club Work For You The Club has been working hard to curate events [...]

Playing in the Koa Network

Socialize. Learn. Build. We are incredibly excited to introduce the Koa Network, a closed private [...]

Follow My Lead Leadership Roundtable

The Follow My Lead Leadership Roundtable meets once a year for a ninety (90) minute [...]

The Koa Club Reimagined

Dear Members & Friends of The Koa Club, We recognize that this may be an [...]

Recap from some recent events curated by The Koa Club

Radical Well-Being On February 26, 2020, Annie Fitzgerald, founder of Annie Fitzgerald Coaching provided her [...]