the koa club allies

We are grateful for the support of many amazing speakers who have shared their invaluable insights with The Koa Club community.

They have bravely shared motivational stories of achieving goals and overcoming challenges, taught us new tricks and skills and helped us get better at what we do. They have also instilled excitement into our lives, made us step outside our comfort zone, and guided us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Business Coaches

Devin W. Craig

Founder of Craig Consulting Group (CCG), is also an author of a book called Super Manager: How to Unlock People and Organizational Performance and Potential through Great People Leadership and is on a mission to help organizations and the people within them flourish, specifically, by building awesome workplace cultures through honing clarity, building super people managers and highly cohesive teams. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include: How to Build an Intentionally Awesome Workplace Culture.

More Details: Devin W. Craig | LinkedIn

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Brad Krueger

Founder of Success Beyond Luck provides business coaching and mentoring services assisting solo and small-sized businesses realize the success they desire, and giving them a great foundation so they can focus on growing their business well into the future. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include:  Success Beyond Luck.

More Details: Brad Krueger | LinkedIn

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Career Coaches

Becca Adler

Founder of Becca Adler LLC,  is a professional coach, speaker and writer, who helps working women in survival mode thrive and find career fulfillment. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include: Releasing the Pressure: How Working Moms Can Regain their Sanity and Infusing fun into your job search even during uncertainty.

More details: Rebecca Adler | LinkedIn

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Communication Coaches

Andrew McMaster

Founder of ImprovMindset, is an actor, director and entrepreneur (also a founder of Jet City Improv, a non-profit theater that he managed for 25 years) who is dedicated to experiential learning, providing opportunities for self-discovery and driving innovation in our everyday lives. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include:  Public Speaking Mastery, Practical Exercises for Highly Effective Habits and Have Glossophia? Insights on Defeating the Public Speaking Anxiety.

More Details: Andrew McMasters | LinkedIn

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Executive/Leadership Coaches

Ellenore Angelidis

Founder and CEO of L.E.A.D. (Lead, Empower, Activate, Dream) LLC, is focused on empowering high performing, value driven leaders, teams, & organizations to multiple their impact. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include: Reinvent Yourself and Failing My Way to Succeed.

More Details: Ellenore Angelidis | LinkedIn

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Micha Goebig

Founder of GoBig Coaching and Communications LLC, is a life & leadership coach and published author, who helps her clients live the excellent life they deserve by coaching them through the process of unlearning what holds them back – the propaganda of family, society & culture – so that they can rewrite the rules and change the world, one boardroom at a time. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include:  Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, The Secret Ingredient to Combat Decision-Making Fatigue and Burnout, Unlearn Limiting Beliefs, Discover World Destinations Series – Next Stop: Germany, and Done is Better than Perfect – Leaving Perfectionism Behind and Focusing on Excellence.

More Details: Micha Goebig | LinkedIn

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Sharon Podobnik Peterson

Founder of The Center for Conscious Leadership, works with clients to bring to light their most powerful and authentic leadership identities, and cultivate an embodied, effortless leadership presence that increases confidence, clarity, and the ability to be joyfully and intentionally disruptive. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include: Effortless Leadership – Cultivating an Authentic Leadership Identity and How to be a Conscious Leader.

More Details: Sharon Podobnik Peterson | LinkedIn

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Lei Wang

Lei is Founder of Journey With Lei, helping her clients break out of stagnation and take their life and business to exciting new heights with ease and grace, have a sense of accomplishment and enjoy a balanced, healthy, joyful life at the same time. She is also the first Asian woman to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam.

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Life Coaches

Carol Elizabeth

Founder of Carol Elizabeth Coaching, is a certified life coach, confidence expert and speaker, who uses her role to move women to a place of radical personal empowerment, confidence and success. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include: Re-defining Success and Visioning Your Life.

More Details: Carol Elizabeth Donahoe | LinkedIn

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Gayle Johnson

Founder of EVOLVE Life Coaching, helps companies and governmental organizations maximize employee effectiveness through emotional intelligence leadership training and coaching. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include:  Life Transition – Self-Redefinition, Living Your Passionate Life NOW!, and The Power of Transformational Leadership.

More Details: Gayle A. Johnson | LinkedIn

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Energy Coaches

Anna Choi

Energy Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Forbes Author. Anna is committed to elevating humanity’s consciousness by empowering conscious leaders, coaches, consultants, and creatives to find peace in chaos, master their energy, and embody their brilliance. As a broke art major with zero experience or connections, she started and sold her first business as a financial planner by age 25 in total burned out. No matter how much she achieved over the next couple decades, she still felt empty until she met two living enlightened Energy Masters H.H.Sai Maa and Ilchi Lee who set her on a path of energy mastery and inner peace. Now as an Energy Coach, homeschool mom, martial artist, yoga instructor, and brain education leader, Anna helps high achieving, conscious leaders, consultants, coaches, and creatives to grow in flow. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include: 5 Secrets to Reclaim Your Energy to Prevent Chronic Workplace Stress.

More Details: Anna Choi | LinkedIn

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Style Coaches

Mellicia Marx

Founder of Poplin Style Direction, provide a comprehensive personal styling service catering to women who want to look and feel their best, so they can go out there and be their best. Mellicia’s style cultivation process empowers and educates clients to discover the style that is already innately their own, helping hundreds of clients discover a confidence and presence they never knew they possessed. Topics covered for The Koa Club Community include:  Money + Style.

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Fitness & Wellness Coaches

Meg Mazanir

Meg Mazanir is owner at Fiona Wellness, where she works with women to build their own healthy obstacles – sustainable habits for better stress management and more vibrant, happier lives. If you are “stressed,” “worn out,” “just over it” – you’re not alone.

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