The Koa Club Special Bulletin – Leadership for Public Sector Professionals

The Koa Club Special Bulletin No.2

Live Boldly, Inspire & Lead:

Leadership for Public Sector Professionals 

The Koa Club proudly announces the resounding success of its 2023 GovWFollowMyLead Program, dedicated to empowering women working in public sector in the State of Washington. This Program, designed to fortify leadership, personal, and workplace skills, has fostered confidence, resilience, and support among women professionals working for local and state governments.

Since its launch in 2020, women in various public sector roles who have participated in the annual GovWFollowMyLead Program have thrived, breaking barriers, and enhancing their leadership capabilities. The success stories emerging from this dynamic and forward-thinking initiative highlight the positive impact of dedicated programs to support and empower women in the public sector to reach their fullest potential.

“The Koa Club GovWFollowMyLead Program has been a great blessing to me in more ways than I expected,” remarked Patrice Frank, IT Customer Success Manager at King County and a past participant and Mentorship Huddle Mentor for the Program. “The monthly workshops challenged me to grow as an individual and as a leader. The topics were exceptional and thought-provoking and the networking with other women in government through breakout groups and huddle meetings was just what I needed.”

Another participant and Mentorship Huddle Mentor for the Program, Angie Sherrer, who is the Cloud Enablement Manager at WaTech, highlighted the Program’s empowering nature: “I was drawn to The Koa Club since it is a leadership program for women led by women. That in and of itself is empowering for a lot of women, who are searching for their voice to become a great leader. All the women I have met via the program are wonderful, considerate, and energetic.”

The GovFollowMyLead Program for 2024 features fresh content, new speakers and the highly successful Mentorship Huddles structure that offers participants a unique opportunity to engage in smaller collaborative learning environments to facilitate knowledge exchange, mentorship, and networking. The Program this year will also offer a newly developed Guided Practicum, designed to provide participants with hands-on experience, allowing them to apply their skills in real-world scenarios and bridging the gap between theory and practical application.

“We are always committed to continuous improvement and innovation for our leadership programs to ensure we can meet the changing needs of our participants, enhance program effectiveness, stay up to date with best practices, and adapt to evolving circumstances,” added Susan Seah, CEO & Founder of The Koa Club.

This year’s Program also offers an unprecedented expansion to include all genders, a strategic move that recognizes gender equality is a shared responsibility and is aimed to further promote opportunities for inclusivity and diversity in leadership development within the public sector.

“It has been incredibly awe-inspiring to witness the unwavering support and encouragement provided by the employers of our women participants as they strive to enhance their skills and advance in their careers, sending a powerful message that these employers deeply value and prioritize the growth and success of all their employees, regardless of gender,” said Susan Seah.

The 2024 GovFollowMyLead Program for public sector professionals working in the State of Washington commences on February 12, 2024. For more information and to register for the 2024 Program, see below. The Koa Club is actively working on collaborating with public sector organizations across the country to expand the reach and impact of its initiatives.

For more information on the 2024 GovFollowMyLead Program, go to 2024 GovFollowMyLead Program – The Koa Club

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