The Koa Club’s Past Events and Workshops (Sept 2019 – July 2021)

The Koa Club has carefully curated the following events and workshops for our members from September 2019 – July 2021 – these events and workshops fall under our various Series (click here to read about about Series):

  1. Backpacking 101
  2. Street scramble Fremont Oktoberfest
  3. Success beyond luck
  4. Grace under pressure
  5. Your professional velocity – what got you here is great…but will it takes you where you want to go next?
  6. Mixology – crafting scrumptious cocktails
  7. Money + Style
  8. Boost confidence in your body image and learn to strike the right pose
  9. Book club
  10. Beyond networking to nextgen connecting
  11. Touchdown! Understanding the American football game
  12. Get ready to cheer for Seattle’s new NHL team!
  13. Emerge 2020 – start the year clear, calm and focused on what matters
  14. Gifting your skills or knowledge – the Koa club holiday sharing tradition
  15. 4 keys to great sex
  16. Public speaking mastery
  17. Basic snowshoeing trip – explore beautiful snowshoe trail and learn useful snowshoeing skills
  18. Working together in our goals – creating your intentions
  19. Overcoming the imposter syndrome
  20. Radical well-being! What it means and how to get it
  21. Redefining success
  22. How to build an intentionally awesome workplace culture
  23. Virtual walks/jogs/runs
  24. Virtual happy hour
  25. Releasing the pressure: How working moms can regain their sanity
  26. Life transitions – self-redefinition
  27. The secret ingredient to combat decision-making fatigue and burnout
  28. Igniting intimacy in your relationship
  29. Effortless leadership – cultivating an authentic leadership identity
  30. Visioning your life
  31. Positive action steps you can take today to address financial uncertainty
  32. Living your passionate life now!
  33. Where do we go from here? Wisdom for walking through uncertainty with courage and clarity
  34. Planning your outdoor experience
  35. Reinvent Yourself
  36. What’s Next? How to Gain Confidence, Certainty, and Fulfillment in your Career
  37. Building Effective Relationships
  38. Time to Tri- Becoming a Triathlete
  39. Practical Exercises for Highly Effective Habits
  40. Get Ready for Backpacking Adventures
  41. Essential Skills to be a Badass Runner
  42. Wine Tasting Exploration
  43. Behavioral Science: Gaining Awareness of What Lies Beneath Your Thoughts About Money
  44. Transformation from the Inside Out
  45. Have Glossophia? Insights on Defeating the Public Speaking Anxiety
  46. Wine Tasting Exploration: Luscious Washington Red Wines
  47. Standout on LinkedIn
  48. Through Their Eyes: save time and energy by activating empathy and fuel a business advantage
  49. How to Pivot Your Career Successfully
  50. Snowshoe 101: Basics for Beginners
  51. Unlearn Limiting Beliefs
  52. 2020 Year-End Reflection Power Pause: Complete the year feeling empowered, peaceful, and proud
  53. Basic Showshoeing Trip: Explore Beautiful Showshoe trail and learn useful Snowshoeing skills
  54. A Solution for (Almost) Every Struggle: Parenting outside the B.O.C.S.
  55. Discover World Destination Series- First Stop: Singapore
  56. How to Be a Conscious Leader
  57. Let’s Get Serious With Kettlebells!
  58. Get Ready to be an Ice Hockey Fan- all you need about the ice hockey game!
  59. The Power of Transformational Leadership
  60. Discover World Destination Series- Next Stop: Germany
  61. Let’s Get Serious With Kettlebells
  62. Done is Better than Perfect-Leaving perfectionism behind and focusing on excellence
  63. Discover World Destinations-Next Stop: Thailand
  64. Failing My Way to Succeed
  65. Infusing fun into your job search even during uncertainty
  66. How to Absolutely Accomplish More in Less Time- Time Management Tactics
  67. Basic Outdoor Survival Skills
  68. Discover World Destination Series- Next Stop: Mexico
  69. Hiking the Beautiful Pacific Northwest- Poo Poo Point
  70. Improving Social Skills Through Effective Communications
  71. Clamming, Mussels and Oyster Hunting Adventure
  72. Be Brave Series- Women who left their corporate jobs to start their own businesses
  73. Be Nice or Be Tough? Balancing Act for Women in Leadership
  74. Discover World Destinations- Next Stop: France
  75. Practicing Powerful Transitions: From COVID Chaos to Refresh and Renew
  76. Discover World Destinations- Next Stop: US National Parks
  77. Hiking the Beautiful Pacific Northwest- Lake Serene (with Bonus Bridal Veil Falls along the way)

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