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Follow My Lead™, a division of The Koa Club, builds women communities within organizations of all sizes and in every industry. We aim to design a sustainable community in close collaboration with the organization which empowers women employees to reach their potential in the workplace and draw on the support by leadership to achieve career goals and job satisfaction. The unique community is tailored to the organization’s specific goals and is focused on supporting the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) objectives.

As an integral part of this initiative, we will create and deliver a custom professional growth and leadership training for the community, with emphasis on the following:

✓Strengthening the leadership, personal and workplace skills of women employees so they can build the confidence to succeed, gain insights into being effective leaders, managers and team members, and be equipped with useful tools to navigate commonplace workplace challenges;
✓Providing women employees with strategies to maintain their well-being, especially during these high stress times; and
✓Helping women employees establish supportive relationships with other women at work through the
Mentorship Huddle™ methodology, offering them a safe environment to share best practices and informal advice with one another.

For the initiative to be successful, we also expect to engage the organization’s leadership every step of the way to ensure that there is a true commitment from the organization to effect real change. This may include roundtable discussions with the leadership team to address challenges, institutional and structural bias, and objectives of the organization. Our process is dynamic and collaborative.

If your organization is not ready to implement a customized empowerment program for your women employees at this time, we have created a Shared Community where women from different organizations have the opportunity to collaborate on various activities designed to support their personal development and professional growth, and to participate in a carefully curated 8 month-long PowWFollowMyLead™ women leadership program (once a month two-hour workshops from March to October 2021)

We are a women and minority owned company and are deeply passionate about empowering women so they can achieve well-deserved success and satisfaction with their work, while helping their organization attract and retain female talent.

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