The Koa Club Social Network

Recently we announced the introduction of the Koa Network, an exclusive private social network within The Koa Club for use by our club members.

Getting Started

If you are a registered community member of the club, you will see the Koa Network tab pinned to your membership account page. When you click on the Koa Network tab, you will arrive in the Koa Network where you will be asked to create an avatar and your network profile. Once your profile is set up, you can start playing in the Koa Network.

Cool Features

We have enabled some really cool features within the Koa Network. We have created groups that you can join and follow. Here are some of the groups in the Koa Network:

When joining these groups,  members will have the opportunity to share insights, questions or comments with each other. We are continuing to create new groups, which are managed for the most part, by our incredible women members who are experts in, or who are really passionate about, these selected topics.  A number of The Koa Club speakers have also formed groups inside the Koa Network, so they can continue to engage and share with our members.

Besides posting stories, pictures, commentary and thoughts in the Koa Network, members can also invite another club member to connect as a friend in the network and privately chat with each other through the network.  It allows for continued conversations that may have begun at a workshop and continues afterwards in the network to build rapport and support for each other.

Suggestions Welcomed

We invite our members to provide us with suggestions on other groups they would like to participate in or manage, or any other interesting features that we can add to the network over time. Our goal is to make the Koa Network an incredible resource for our members.

Participating in the Koa Nework

If you would like to access the Koa Network, please sign up as a member of The Koa Club at Join Our Community Membership

Socialize. Learn. Build.

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