The Koa Club Newsletter (August 2020) – Finding time for self-care

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Finding time for self-care

Have you done anything lately that you enjoy, love or made you feel amazing? Like most of you, I often find myself stuck in a mode where I am just bulldozing through my day to accomplish a long list of work tasks, and to find whatever time I have left to tackle a never-ending array of personal errands. There is so much on my to-do list that I frequently fail to focus on the important task of doing what is good for me – physically, mentally and emotionally.

To not lose myself in this hectic life that I have created (no one to blame but me), I find it incredibly helpful to remind myself to do one thing a day that makes me feel good, even if it is just for a very short period of time. Most people might choose to do something such as taking a nice hot bath, journaling, or enjoying a long walk with their dog. I definitely do some of that, but what really gets me excited and feeling good is to find one thing that scares me everyday and do it. OK, maybe the word “scares me” might be too intense and it is a lot closer to “finding one thing everyday that challenges me in a good way and doing it”.

It might be something like running up and down the massive hill by my house ten times in a row. I always feel as if I am going to have a heart attack when I’m doing it but when it’s done, I am really proud of myself for completing that tough challenge. Or it’s making a dish I’ve never done before from my mom’s recipe and actually enjoying the experience and the food even though cooking is not my “cup of tea”, as they say. Or it’s working on implementing a practice that is particularly hard for me suggested by any of the incredible speakers from The Koa Club events, such as practicing mindfulness or chasing off the self-doubt demons.

I usually take a few moments in the morning when I wake up to think about the one special challenge I want to accomplish that day, write in the “Notes” on my phone and make sure I slot a time in my schedule to do it. If I don’t happen to accomplish it that day, I don’t beat myself up about it, but will be certain to do it the next day. If I miss it day after day, then I tell myself I am not putting “I” as a priority, and failing to focus on “I” can eventually sabotage my happiness and everything I’ve worked for.

Most of us are so busy taking care of others or dealing with our daily work or personal demands that we always forget to take care of ourselves. It’s especially important that we find time to engage in self-care now when we are facing the unknown with the pandemic, the economic downturn and managing the new normal.  I truly hope you find your own unique way to be good to yourself everyday – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

“See” you soon!

Susan Seah
Founder & CEO
The Koa Club

Be Brave. Be Koa 

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