Playing in the Koa Network

Socialize. Learn. Build.

We are incredibly excited to introduce the Koa Network, a closed private social network within The Koa Club created to enhance the opportunity to socialize among the members, learn from each other and speakers within the community and build lifelong relationships.

The Koa Network is focused on the needs of our members — to provide an enjoyable experience, relevant content, and an easy way to connect.

How many times have you attended an event hosted by The Koa Club, shared some laughs or heartfelt stories with other members of The Koa Club and later wish you could have stayed connected with those members after the event when you did not have the chance to exchange business cards (who has business cards anymore anyway)?

Or how many times have we ended a speaker presentation where you wish you could hear more from the speaker, stay connected with the speaker for future engagement, or found a way to accept the speaker’s offer for her services at a later time when you need it?

Through the Koa Network, you could do just that.

All the Koa Network users’ posts are only visible among the members of the Club who have been granted access to the Koa Network, safe from the prying eyes of the public at large. You can message one-on-one with someone or with a small group, rather than posting content for all your contacts to see.  In the Koa Network, you can ask the Koa Network community for advice on a career opportunity you may be seeking, post available job positions you are looking for someone to fill, reach out to other women in the community who inspire you, provide mentorship to other women in the community seeking guidance,  or get access to interesting sound bites and insights from The Koa Club speakers. You will also get updates on upcoming events from the Club, hear useful feedback and where made available by the speakers  in the Koa Network, have access to speakers’ presentation materials from events that have happened.

So what are you waiting for? Now go play in the Koa Network!

Please note that at this time, the Koa Network is only available to our members, and can be accessed only by the members through their membership account portal.

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