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Let The Club Work For You

The Club has been working hard to curate events that are empowering, useful, relevant, fun and even eye-opening for our incredible members. Since we launched the Club in September last year, we had held over 35 events, both in-person and online, covering a wide variety of topics from our Series collection, including Your Professional Velocity, Money + Style, Public Speaking Mastery, Radical Well-Being, Basic Snowshoe Trip, How to Build an Intentionally Awesome Workplace, Life Transitions – Self Redefinition, Planning Your Oudoor Experience, Effortless Leadership, Visioning Your Life, Understanding the American Football Game, Redefining Success and Releasing The Pressure.

As you may already know, for May and June of 2020, we opened up our Club online events to all women for free, whether or not a member of the Club, as a way for us to provide support to the community at large given the unexpected pandemic situation. Our events were well received and we were told the Club brought much-needed social connection and meaningful learning while we were all stuck at home. To accommodate the increased interest in the Club while being cognizant of the current world economic environment, we have now created a two-tiered membership level for the Club – free Awesome Membership and paid Beyond Awesome Membership, both with their own distinct set of benefits from the Club.

We want you to know that the Club is here for you. We have just launched some new features within the Club to help you stay better connected with the other members and to even get additional invaluable insights from your favorite speakers from the Club. We care about you and we hope you keep coming back to participate in the events and features we create just for you.

We also want to ask you to please help spread the word about The Koa Club and invite other amazing women to join the Club. The only way the Club can continue to stay strong in accomplishing its mission of connecting and empowering women is with all your support, encouragement and commitment.

Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime and remember that no matter what the new normal may be, you are not alone and we are all in this together.

“See” you soon!

Susan Seah
Founder & CEO
The Koa Club

Be Brave. Be Koa

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