Seattle welcomes an exclusive new women only social club with a learning twist!

Move over boring, tedious networking events and so long to evening classes that put you to sleep! The next level in socializing, learning, and relationship-building is here!

The Koa Club, a highly anticipated and exclusive new social club for women fills a void in the Seattle scene. The club expertly curates events that provide members opportunities to meet like-minded women in a relaxed social setting while learning something useful, fun, or interesting. Events that The Koa Club has planned so far range from bite-sized workshops to help improve leadership, communication, workstyle, stress management and other professional skills, as well as workshops to gain practical life skills such as learning to be a better backpacker and endurance athlete, understanding how to compose fabulous photos, crafting awesome cocktails, and so much more! The Koa Club partners with different companies and organizations to create these exclusive events for its members. The club is focused on empowering its women members to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships within the community while bonding over shared interests, all the while broadening skills and knowledge in different areas.

Susan Seah, founder of The Koa Club, said “There have been many women in my life who have inspired me in numerous ways, such as my powerhouse mom who taught me about perseverance and still swims laps everyday despite being in her mid-80s; my wonderful sisters who have patiently encouraged me to do my best but accept me for all my shortcomings; my personal friends who have tirelessly supported me in all my crazy adventures; and my work colleagues who have shown me how to be fearless in my professional pursuits.  My goal for The Koa Club is to build a close-knit community of women who are fearless in their life pursuits, whether professionally or personally, who can provide the type of support and inspiration for each other similar to that I’ve received from the amazing women in my life, all while exploring ways to grow our skills, knowledge and experience together. As I like to say, “Let’s be Koa”, which means “Let’s be brave” in Hawaiian!”

The first of many events produced by The Koa Club will be the September 18, 2019, “Styling with an Infinite Closet” workshop. This is a collaboration between The Koa Club and the Armoire style mavens designed to help members discover fun and cost-effective ways to create infinite wardrobe combinations that will show participants how to up their professional and off-work style immediately.

The club’s tagline sums it up well: “No apologies for wanting to be the best, get inspired, expand our horizons, be fired up about what we love and let your hair down for a good time.”  Learn more about The Koa Club, its mission and events at The Koa Club is currently offering a one-time membership special for those who sign up for its annual membership within the first six months of the Club’s official launch on September 5, 2019.

About The Koa Club

The Koa Club is a social club exclusively for women achievers (whether on a professional or personal level). The club members represent a strong community of women with a wide array of achievements in their professional and personal lives who are not afraid to forge ahead in life in the pursuit of growth, success, fulfillment and a whole lot of fun.

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Susan Seah
Phone: (808) 222-1041

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