The Koa Club is a global community of high achieving women seeking inspired empowerment and powerful connections in their professional & personal lives.

Koa means brave. We say YES to being courageous, confident, curious, awe-inspiring, empathetic, and connected.

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Our members are women who are leaders in their own way, no matter what position they may have at work. They are highly motivated to achieve their goals and feel empowered to shape their own lives. They believe in life-long learning and are always open to new ideas, experiences and opportunities. We curate numerous workshops, talks, events and other unique opportunities for our members to learn useful strategies to propel their careers ahead and to gain practical life skills to enrich their daily lives. Check out our Event Series Overview or our Events Calendar to see what’s upcoming. 

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

We challenge you to strive to do more and grow more because you can, and you should.

There are two ways to be a part of the The Koa Club:

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Join our global community as a Community Member to access the different benefits provided by The Koa Club. Community Membership is FREE and our members get access to many diverse workshops, talks and events tailored towards fostering professional growth and personal development as well as access to our Koa Network, a private women only social network for our members to connect and build meaningful alliances with other women members. Our members also get designated access to a portfolio of curated offers from our speakers and other partners and to our proprietary resources library. 

About The Koa Club Community

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Even though the number of women in leadership have grown in recent years, women are still very much underrepresented at every level in key roles in the workplace and in every industry. We have specially designed our highly effective structured leadership programs, known as the FollowMyLead™ Programs, to help professional women prepare for the successful pursuit and management of leadership roles. These Programs, offered at a fee, are focused on equipping women with the tools they need to increase their leadership impact and to create positive lasting personal and professional change. 

About the FollowMyLead Programs™

“Women helping each other – coaching, mentoring and providing tips – is a great way for us to be our own force.”

Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo

Member Testimonials

See what our members think about The Koa Club!

Julie Y

I highly recommend this program for any women in any position of any field. It really helps you realize, acknowledge, focus and change or re-direct not only the way you think about yourself and others that you work with, but also reflect on how you are perceived by your peers, co-workers, leads, supervisors, etc. This is a great program to empower women through all aspects from how you communicate, to how you dress, your self-confidence and how you can achieve your goals.
- Julie Y., member of The Koa Club and participant of a FollowMyLead Program

Nikki E

This is my first year participating in the Koa club. What excited me most about reading about this club is that it consists of women leaders. Rarely does one find a space for just women. Even more so, very rarely does one find a space of women leaders who are willing to raise the tide for all boats to rise with them. This year, I will be working on finding what brings me the most joy and get more of THAT. Excited to be here and to see what unfolds.
- Nikki E., member of The Koa Club and participant of a FollowMyLead Program

Jennifer B

I love being a part of this program. It’s led by women for women. I’ve gained powerful insights in not only my career but on how to enrich my life. I’ve really enjoyed watching other women as they step into their power and being a support structure to help them do it. Susan and this program really live up to their motto – Be Koa!
- Jennifer B., member of The Koa Club and participant of a FollowMyLead Program

Mellicia M

Where else can you go to hang out with ambitious, relaxed, fun women while you learn about how to take your career to the next level, or try snowshoeing or discuss a favorite book? I've loved learning while socializing as a member of the Koa Club. I've also been very fortunate to present a session on, "Money and Style" with more to come in the future. Both as a member and a presenter, I'm impressed by the smooth logistics and the stellar crowd. Highly recommend!
- Mellicia M., member of The Koa Club and speaker collaborator for The Koa Club

Christine S

Susan and the Koa Club are an amazing group of leaders, artists, inventors, athletes and so much more!
- Christine S., member of The Koa Club and speaker collaborator for The Koa Club

Gillian W

My Koa Club experience has been wonderful, to say the least! Susan (the founder and CEO) is involved in every event - she is so thoughtful and engaging and loves to bring people together to learn new things on every level. Since joining, I have taken away lessons and skills that I can apply to my everyday personal and professional life. I have also fostered a handful of awesome relationships with other Koa Club members and cannot wait to see what the upcoming year has to offer! Truly a great place to meet like-minded people and learn new things.
- Gillian W., member of The Koa Club and Program Manager for The Koa Club

learn. connect. lead.

We applaud our women members for their courage to lead, to seek growth and new experiences, to never give up on finding solutions to challenges, and to own their successes and failures along the way.  Our community stands out because we are focused on building a robust and supportive environment for our members to effectively learn, connect and lead in their endeavors.   


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