The Koa Club is a global community of high achieving women seeking inspired empowerment and powerful connections in their professional & personal lives.

Koa means brave. We say YES to being courageous, confident, curious, awe-inspiring, empathetic, and connected.

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Our members are women who are leaders in their own way, no matter what position they may have at work. They are highly motivated to achieve their goals and feel empowered to shape their own lives. They believe in life-long learning and are always open to new ideas, experiences and opportunities. We curate numerous workshops, talks, events and other unique opportunities for our members to learn useful strategies to propel their careers ahead and to gain practical life skills to enrich their daily lives. Check out our Event Series Overview or our Events Calendar to see what’s upcoming. 

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg


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“Women helping each other – coaching, mentoring and providing tips – is a great way for us to be our own force.”

Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo

Member Testimonials

See what our members think about The Koa Club!

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate as a huddle mentor in the GovWFollowMyLead Program in 2021. This nearly year-long program was absolutely top notch. The speakers and presentations were current, vibrant, focused and engaging. It brought women working in the public sector together on a journey of self-discovery, growth and confidence building; providing tools for success and strategies to maintain our well-being during stressful times. We developed meaningful relationships supporting each other in work and every-day life issues. We shared with each other in our smaller huddle group and shared out to the entire group with questions, comments, thoughts, feelings and feedback. The huddle competition encouraged us to put on our thinking caps and join together to present what we had learned. It was a ton of fun. We were very proud of our presentation as well as all of the other inspiring presentations. Our huddle team connected so well that we chose to continue sharing time together via informal lunch meetings in 2022 tapping into the solid supportive relationships we have built. This experience has provided positive changes to how I think about my work, how I engage and how I support other women in the work place and beyond. Thank you Susan and team. You are “beyond awesome.

Claire C.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

I have had the great good fortune to be involved in the FollowMyLead leadership program supporting women working in the public sector for nearly three years—first as a participant and then more recently as a mentor. It has been an invaluable opportunity to build on my skill set, learn more about myself, and strengthen my relationships with other women in my organization. The mentorship aspect of the program has allowed me the opportunity as an employee in a non-management position to practice the leadership skills I have gained in a safe and supportive space. Moreover, the program has introduced me to the Koa Club, an amazing and inspiring community of women with the shared goal of exploring female representation in the workplace and beyond.

Megann D.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

Participating in the women’s leadership was an excellent opportunity that I highly recommend! I underestimated the lack of connection I’ve had with peers outside of my own agency and I’m grateful to have developed relationships with women who have similar life demands and career aspirations. It was a rewarding experience to take time for personal and professional growth, develop camaraderie and to learn that you’re not alone in trying to manage a life, family and career. The network this organization can provide is invaluable.

Laura F.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

For the last two years, I’ve undertaken a big career change, leading the Information Technology Department Business Operations and Support team as their manager, delighting in the opportunity to expand my knowledge and apply skills I had already refined. I joined the Koa Club last year to give back. After so many years in government, I thought I could share tricks and tips and support others in their careers. I didn’t know how much I truly needed it for myself. During last year’s FollowMyLead program, I had loads of fun, met amazing women, and collected lots of different nuggets that really helped me navigate my career transition better. After such a great experience (and after having had a GREAT huddle mentor last year), I am thrilled to become a huddle mentor for the 2022 program.

Joanie F.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

Having the opportunity to be a mentor and lead a huddle group was a really empowering experience. I got to build on my facilitation and coaching skills while also watching my huddle members learn and grow. The workshops also covered a wide variety of topics and issues and helped me learn new skills and think differently about how I navigate my professional world.

Amanda G.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

I was invited by a friend to join POWWFollowMyLead and had no idea what to expect. But I ended up meeting some amazing women doing impressive work in their respective fields and gaining insight on a variety of workplace wellness topics, including how to set healthy boundaries, how to engage difficult conversations, and how to navigate career growth in a challenging environment like Covid. The networking was really valuable for me and our cohort continues to meet monthly over zoom for short check-ins.

Alison M.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

When I enrolled in PoWW Program, I had taken up a new leadership role and I felt it was necessary to build on my interpersonal and communication skills in order to encourage, influence, and grow my network.

I really found the training course to be an enjoyable and valuable experience. It was also an honor to learn from other peers and their collective experiences during our “huddle” sessions. It has been a few months since we ‘graduated’ from the program and we still virtually meet once a month to connect. This program was exceptional and I was pleasantly surprised with the organization, assignments/ workshops and the quality of speakers. Happy to share that my team was awarded the “best” in the competition too. Micha Goebig is one of my favorite speakers! Her sessions are a MUST-ATTEND! Thank you to Susan Seah and the Koa Club team for executing such a valuable program for women of all career levels.

Nethra M.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

Every single session has been full of valuable insights, and I come away from each one feeling inspired and motivated to hone my leadership skills. Not to mention, the enduring friendships I’ve built with my Huddle sisters continue to thrive to this day.

Viola S.

Member of The Koa Club and participant in a FollowMyLead Program

I highly recommend this program for any women in any position of any field. It really helps you realize, acknowledge, focus and change or re-direct not only the way you think about yourself and others that you work with, but also reflect on how you are perceived by your peers, co-workers, leads, supervisors, etc. This is a great program to empower women through all aspects from how you communicate, to how you dress, your self-confidence and how you can achieve your goals.

Julie Y.

Member of The Koa Club and participant of a FollowMyLead Program

This is my first year participating in the Koa club. What excited me most about reading about this club is that it consists of women leaders. Rarely does one find a space for just women. Even more so, very rarely does one find a space of women leaders who are willing to raise the tide for all boats to rise with them. This year, I will be working on finding what brings me the most joy and get more of THAT. Excited to be here and to see what unfolds.

Nikki E.

Member of The Koa Club and participant of a FollowMyLead Program

I love being a part of this program. It’s led by women for women. I’ve gained powerful insights in not only my career but on how to enrich my life. I’ve really enjoyed watching other women as they step into their power and being a support structure to help them do it. Susan and this program really live up to their motto – Be Koa!

Jennifer B.

Member of The Koa Club and participant of a FollowMyLead Program

Where else can you go to hang out with ambitious, relaxed, fun women while you learn about how to take your career to the next level, or try snowshoeing or discuss a favorite book? I’ve loved learning while socializing as a member of the Koa Club. I’ve also been very fortunate to present a session on, “Money and Style” with more to come in the future. Both as a member and a presenter, I’m impressed by the smooth logistics and the stellar crowd. Highly recommend!

Mellicia M.

Member of The Koa Club and speaker collaborator for The Koa Club

Susan and the Koa Club are an amazing group of leaders, artists, inventors, athletes and so much more!

Christine S.

Member of The Koa Club and speaker collaborator for The Koa Club

My Koa Club experience has been wonderful, to say the least! Susan (the founder and CEO) is involved in every event – she is so thoughtful and engaging and loves to bring people together to learn new things on every level. Since joining, I have taken away lessons and skills that I can apply to my everyday personal and professional life. I have also fostered a handful of awesome relationships with other Koa Club members and cannot wait to see what the upcoming year has to offer! Truly a great place to meet like-minded people and learn new things.

Gillian W.

Member of The Koa Club and Program Manager for The Koa Club

learn. connect. lead.

We applaud our women members for their courage to lead, to seek growth and new experiences, to never give up on finding solutions to challenges, and to own their successes and failures along the way.  Our community stands out because we are focused on building a robust and supportive environment for our members to effectively learn, connect and lead in their endeavors.   

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